Sacred Heart School

India's Pioneering Eco School

Sacred Heart School is the most inclusive school of the country where differently abled children (Dyslexic, Dysgraphic, Dyscalculic, Visually and Hearing Impaired, Cerebral Palsy) as well as students without disabilities participate and learn together in the same class.
‘Zero Garbage’ practicing school. Not a single bucket of garbage has been thrown outside the school compound in last 10 years. Garbage is segregated into Dry and Wet Waste. Wet waste is converted into Organic manure in house. Dry waste is sent for recycling.
Pioneer in providing World Class Coaching in sports with an established State-of-the Art 11000 Sq. ft in house National Sports Academy.

Our Motto

To enhance the ability of every Sacred Heartian to think and act wisely and to prepare them to face the toughest challenges of life with a smile.

To make the heart of every Sacred Heartian compassionate so that they learn to respond to the call of the needy, thus motivating the desire to compassionately extend a helping hand.

To keep moving onwards and to continually improve one's performance. To compete as well as keep challenging oneself by setting the goals higher and higher and strive tirelessly to achieve them.

Recent Events


    Sacred Heart School organized its annual picnic to Hyderabad, which was scheduled from October 5th October, 2015 to 10th October, 2015. The students visited famous places like the vibrant Ramoji Film City, the historic Charminar, Lake Hussain Sagar, the majestic Golconda Fort, Salarjung Museum, Sudha Car Museum, Mecca Masjid, Science Centre, Chowmahalla Palace.